Organic Communications – Communicate good

Organic Communications was founded eight years ago when one was likely to break the rules of traditional and old-fashioned PR strategies and methods.

Our young but proficient agency is proud on the fact that we wrap all of our projects in an exciting way by finding the inner worth of it and making it a useful part of life.

We are pleased to communicate such cases that are able to change the way of thinking of the society and everyday life. Beyond the classical communication tools the main aim of our activities is to deliver ’good messages’ to the ’good target group’via unique and deliberated manners.

The possibility of these extraordinary ways mean the game, use of creativity and relaxing to us and to our clients the guarantee that their messages land to the perfect place at the perfect time.

We consider ourselves as the messenger of ’good cases’ and delighted to undertake such projects that we believe in and able to serve and build conscientiously.

Organic is opened to international issues as our colleagues speak English and German and know the European market well.

Our toolbar – we are going to fix you:

  • Building up comprehensive and 360 degrees communications strategy
  • Consulting continously and regularly
  • Extended social networking
  • Managing the project from the beginning to finish
  • Certain and developed relation with press

Let us help your company to slide on Hungarian sea!


Agnes Paul

info – kukac – organic.co.hu